We pursue a growth strategy with a particular focus on the accelerated expansion in emerging markets. These strongly growing markets are characterized by increasing urbanization and the development of megacities, which in turn leads to a rising demand for high-performance construction products that meet stringent safety, earthquake and fire resistance, and quality requirements.

For example innovative waterproofing and roofing solutions, the functional sealing of building envelopes, or specialty high-strength concrete. In other words – just the kind of solutions, products, and technologies we specialize in.


We have increased our investments in emerging markets, accelerating the buildup of our local supply chains. Over the last few years we opened more than 30 new factories in growth markets enabling us to strengthen our local presence and to better serve the local requirements. This continuously improves the close proximity to our customers – which is what distinguishes us in the market. We have a long tradition of entering new markets at an early stage, for example the first subsidiaries in Latin America were founded in the 1930s. This enables us to take part in the development of the market and to build up a solid position. We take a longterm view, placing great value on building long-lasting customer relationships.


We source raw materials both locally and globally in order to find the best solutions for our products. Our aim is to work with local suppliers wherever possible, not only to reduce lead time and increase availability for our customers, but also to reduce risk and the environmental factors associated with transporting goods.


Throughout the world our construction business is local. We build up the technical expertise within our local organizations, training local employees and transferring know-how on a global basis. This means we can guarantee personal local support on all job sites, based on more than 100 years of global experience.