Sika's flooring solutions are based on synthetic resin and cementitious systems for industrial and commercial buildings, for example pharmaceutical and food-sector production plants, public buildings such as educational and health care facilities, parking decks and private residential properties.

Each market segment is subject to its own particular requirements in terms of mechanical properties, safety regulations (for example slip resistance), antistatic performance, and chemical or fire resistance.

Trends in the flooring market are being dictated by the growing significance of safety and environmental regulations as well as customized technical requirements. The high volume of building alteration and conversion projects nowadays has boosted the importance of efficient solutions for the refurbishment of existing flooring systems.


The one shot parking deck system with Sikalastic®-8800 and Sikafloor®-359 is a new fast-applied flooring system. By using a new injection process, the spray application of the waterproofing layer and the wearing course can be done at the same time. Two working steps are combined in one shot.

This means that the entire application of a 1,000 m2 parking deck can be completed in one day. Accordingly the downtime for the parking garage is significantly reduced. The new injection process also leads to material savings, as up to 75% less aggregates are used.