Sika’s success and reputation is based on our long-lasting tradition of innovation.
Accordingly, the core of our business is the innovation management and the focus on developing quality products and the best solutions for customers. We have institutionalized a Product Creation Process with a strong focus on consistently developing new products, systems, and solutions for all of our markets.

We provide intelligent solutions using the most advanced technologies, service and unique expertise. In fact we are well known for our high quality construction and industry solutions, which always meet the latest independent tests, standards and regulations – giving our customers complete peace of mind and the reassurance of working with a quality manufacturer.


Sika Technology AG in Switzerland takes the lead in long-term research programmes for the whole Sika Group whilst the responsibility for the development of new solutions sits with our 20 Global Technology Centers plus 18 Regional Technology Centers worldwide. New products and systems are also developed on a regional level to meet the local market’s specific needs and requirements. This process helps us to facilitate cost-optimization for manufacturing and effective market pricing.


In the development of our products we focus on modern solutions like our i-Cure® technology, which has helped us develop an array of technologically advanced sealing and bonding products as well as paving the way for eco-efficient liquid roofing membranes that also offer maximum safety during installation. Or our innovative filler technologies that produce new high-performance mortar products with improved workability and a broader scope of application.


All Sika solutions are designed with our customers' success in mind and we look to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships rather than focus on shortterm business. Our aim is to meet all of the challenges our customers face by launching new products in response to tighter regulations for adhesives and sealants, developing new solutions to meet the ever-greater demands in terms of trouble-free application and environmental compatibility in the flooring market, or catering for the requirement for lightweight constructions in the automotive industry.