The Landmark Cooling Tower, Germany

In the refurbishment proposal, the additional strengthening with bands of SikaWrap® CFRP fabric was detailed by LAP, and a specification for the whole shell of the tower was developed. With a height of 55 m and an average diameter of 33 m, the internal and external refurbishment area totalled some 10'000 m². 

Renovation of Pumarejo Bridge

The rehabilitation procedure included the with­drawal of spalled concretes; the cleaning and protection of the steel reinforcement bars; the addition of Sika repair mortars; steel jacketing of columns; the addition of impregnation Sika corrosion inhibitors; and the application of a protective coating over a surface of 538,196 square feet (50,000 square meters). 

Pascual Guerrero Stadium - Cali, Colombia

This stadium has been the centre of sporting culture in Cali and the Cauca Valley since its inauguration in 1937. This has been the site of events as important as the VI Pan-American games in 1971, the Pacific games of 1995, the Colombian National games of 1954 and 2008, the 2001 Copa America, and the finals of the Copa Libertadores between Deportivo Cali and America de Cali. The Pascual Guerrero Stadium, and the sporting complex that has developed around it, has been one of the most comprehensive sporting complexes in Latin America since the 1950’s.