Contribute to a Sustainable Future IN CONCRETE REFURBISHMENT

Depending on the construction environment exposure, e.g. marine, industrial facilities, chemicals, etc., concrete structures may undergo severe damage if not taken proper care of. This may result in full destruction of the structure. 

How to Extend the life time of a structure?

By providing repair, protection and strengthening products and systems that extend the life cycle period and/or prevent destruction, we can bring a positive and sustainable impact on the environment.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a standardized method to assess and compare the inputs, outputs and potential environmental impacts of products and services over their life cycle. LCAs are increasingly recognized as the best way to evaluate the sustainability of products and systems.

Potential environmental impact of products for concrete repair and protection are investigated from raw material extraction, production, application and use to final disposal at end of life. Construction and end-of-life scenario of the reinforced concrete structure itself are excluded.

Smart Solutions to Reduce Waste

Sika provides long lasting repair and protection systems that help to extend the interval between maintenance and remedial work. Thanks to this, the quantity of waste is significantly reduced.