Over the past century, sprayed concrete has replaced the traditional methods of lining tunnel profiles and has become very important in stabilizing the excavated tunnel section.

Uses of Sprayed Concrete

Sprayed concrete construction is used in many different types of project.

Sprayed Concrete Materials

Concrete is a system of three materials, cement, aggregate and water.

Sprayed Concrete Admixtures

Concrete admixtures are used to improve and/or change concrete properties which cannot, or cannot correctly be controlled by the cement, aggregate and water. 


Sprayed concrete is mainly used for stabilization, but also frequently to grout or fill cavities.

Wet Sprayed Concrete

Wet sprayed concrete means delivery (handling) of a ready-mixed sprayed concrete consisting of aggregate, cement, water and sprayed concrete admixtures in a workable mix.

Dry Sprayed Concrete

Dry sprayed concrete process means delivery (transport) of a ready-mixed sprayed concrete consisting of aggregate, cement and any sprayed concrete admixtures but without mixing water.

Sprayed Concrete Applications

Sprayed concrete and mortar are applied in layers, either in the same operation by repeatedly spraying over the same area or in a subsequent operation after a stop. 

Concrete Spraying Equipment

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In this method sprayed concrete is applied directly onto the polymer waterproofing membranes.