We offer several flooring families for you to choose from for you projects. The families are based on core technologies. Variations within each family allow you to find solutions fine tuned to your individual needs. All of the families are bonded together by our core flooring values: seamless solutions for your needs, innovative designs, durable and sustainable performance by offering more value at less impact, and full professional support by expert field personnel who are not only the best at what they do but who also take great pride in their work and care about your project.

Sikafloor MultiDur

Epoxy flooring systems by Sika, a global standard. Your workhorse for heavy-duty performance, these flooring systems offer excellent mechanical strength, wear-resistance and chemical-resistance. Although seamless floors, by definition, are aesthetically pleasing, color and design are typically not our customers’ major driver in choosing these flooring options. Rather, functionality and delivering long-lasting performance is where these floors excel. Choose from smooth, textured, broadcasted (slip-resistant) and mortar finishes to ensure the usability, safety and cleaning regime best fitting your needs.

Within the Sikafloor MultiDur family you will find special solutions with extremely high chemical resistance; solutions approved for cleanroom usage; and electrostatic discharging, dissipative and electrically conductive flooring. For more basic flooring use and high performance wall coating needs, we offer water-borne coating systems.

Sikafloor MultiDur solutions are commonly found in:

  • Storage, logistics and sales areas
  • Production, processing and cleanroom areas (dry and wet)
  • Ground-bearing decks, car parks and parking garages
  • Commercial, public and residential areas

Sikafloor DecoDur

Decorative epoxy flooring systems by Sika. These added design options for heavy-duty flooring are perfect for projects where you want more than a traditional, uni-color design and need the performance of an epoxy floor. Within the Sikafloor DecoDur family, we offer flooring solutions with different grades of mechanical and chemical resistance, all in a speckled design. Patterns range from a granite effect up to a larger full-flake design and are available in a variety of colors.

Typically, Sikafloor DecoDur floors are installed with a smooth or lightly broadcasted surface texture. At your preference, we can finish the floor with a matte sealer designed to withstand common household and light-industrial chemicals or a tougher, more chemical-resistant, glossy finish.

Sikafloor DecoDur floors are commonly found in:

  • Life science facilities
  • Laboratories
  • High-pedestrian traffic zones in commercial and institutional buildings
  • Food courts 

Sikafloor MultiFlex

Polyurethane flooring systems for heavy duty and industrial usage by Sika. ­Sikafloor MultiFlex systems are known for their higher elasticity which allows for crack-bridging designs. Further, these floors excel in absorbing base floor movements.

Sikafloor MultiFlex solutions include designs installed directly on top of elastic waterproofing membranes and are available with or without special surface protection. These floors are installed in smooth, light broadcast and heavy broadcast (high anti-slip) designs.

Sikafloor MultiFlex can commonly be found in:

  • Storage, logistic and sales areas (raised floors)
  • Production, processing and cleanroom areas (dry and wet)
  • Car parks, intermediate and top decks

Sika ComfortFloor

With decorative, polyurethane flooring systems for commercial and residential applications by Sika, perfection has never been so close. Global technology leadership in industrial and resilient flooring comes together in our Sika ­ComfortFloor family, offering seamless, high-end aesthetics for even the most discerning clientele. An environmentally friendly solution, Sika ComfortFloor is mainly based on natural oils and organic raw materials. Its backing – comprised of resilient, acoustic isolation pads – are made of recycled rubber and foam particles.

Sika ComfortFloor products offer nearly unlimited design freedom. They are typically installed in a matte finish and are available in 72 standard colors. Custom colors are also an option, as are two-tone “concrete-look” designs and the ability to create your own floor art.

Additional options include broadcasted colored flakes for a speckled design and a light, anti-slip surface texture for use in wet areas such as showers and toilet rooms. All products offer very high color stability.

Sika ComfortFloor solutions are commonly found in:

  • Institutional buildings such as schools, museums, libraries and hospitals
  • Commercial buildings such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and restaurants
  • Residential buildings of high-end, modern design
  • Therapeutic, restorative and exercise facilities, such as yoga or spa spaces

Sikafloor MonoFlex

One-component, polyurethane flooring solutions for easy installations, by Sika. Sikafloor MonoFlex flooring solutions have earned their excellent reputation based mainly on their performance as a waterproof finish for balconies, walkways and staircases with pedestrian traffic. These moisture-triggered solutions are true innovations in terms of sustainability and ease of application.

Upon request, broadcasted colored flakes can be added for a speckled design. A light or medium anti-slip surface texture can also be provided. All products in this family offer very high color stability.

Sikafloor MonoFlex solutions are commonly found in:

  • Balconies
  • Pedestrian walkways and staircases

Sikafloor Purcem

Polyurethane cementitious hybrid flooring systems by Sika. These innovative flooring solutions deliver extreme performance in terms of mechanical and chemical resistance as well as reduced environmental impact. Because they’re durable, low maintenance and available with resurfacing options, our versatile Sikafloor PurCem range of products is gaining global appreciation and can be found in a wide variety of heavy-duty ­applications. The special core technology of an elastic resinous binder reacting with cementitious fillers is what makes this product family resistant to high temperature variations, even thermo shocks for certain designs. Installation on damp concrete surfaces is possible with ­Sikafloor PurCem.

Typically, Sikafloor PurCem floors are installed in a light or heavy anti-slip broadcast or in a full mortar build-up to ensure high performance in wet areas. A smooth/light-textured surface finish is available for dry areas. Sikafloor PurCem Gloss is the latest ­innovation to our Sikafloor PurCem family. This product’s glossy finish allows for significantly easier floor cleaning. Specified with a smooth surface finish and in a low- to medium- thickness, this solution can be an alternative to some Sikafloor MultiDur products.

Sikafloor PurCem solutions are commonly found in:

  • Food and beverage processing facilities
  • Professional kitchens
  • Cool storage areas
  • Heavy-duty processing areas, especially wet processing

Sikafloor Pronto

Methacrylate (P.M.M.A.) flooring systems that speed up installation times to the maximum, by Sika. Our Pronto family is known for it’s high resistance to a wide variety of uses. The super-fast curing time of these synthetics allows for super-quick refurbishments, though proper ventilation is required during installation to avoid inconveniences from odors.

When applied to areas with pedestrian traffic, Sikafloor Pronto surfaces are typically installed in a smooth or light broadcast finish. A colored-flake broadcast finish can be provided upon request. A heavier broadcast finish is available for applications where there is vehicle ­traffic. 

Sikafloor Pronto solutions are commonly found in:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Processing areas
  • Pedestrian walkways, such as balconies and staircases
  • Animal facilities
  • Multi-story and underground car parks

Sikafloor OneShot

The fastest way to finish your car park and bridge deck, by Sika. This unique, innovative solution allows two steps in one shot. Our super-fast, spray-applied polyurea coating assures high mechanical strength. And, by spraying the fillers needed to provide the surface’s anti-slip texture at the same time, a significant amount of labor is saved, making it possible to prime, finish and seal in one day. Finishing options are available in both polyaspartic and polyurethane technology.

Sikafloor OneShot solutions are commonly found in:

  • Car parks, parking garages
  • Bridge decks

Sikafloor HardTop

Concrete surface hardening, curing and sealing and heavy-duty industrial screeds, by Sika. Our dry shake ­Sikafloor powders are broadcasted directly onto the fresh concrete – before the powerfloat finish is applied – to create an extremely hard-wearing, monolithic concrete floor. Additional performance can be achieved through various liquid-applied surface hardeners, curing compounds and surface sealers.

Sikafloor HardTop solutions are commonly found in:

  • Storage, logistics and sales areas
  • Non-critical, heavy-duty industrial areas such as dry processing facilities
  • Car parks, parking garages

Sikafloor Level

Subfloor preparation and leveling solutions, by Sika. To assure compatibility of base floor preparation materials with final, high-end synthetic finishes, Sika offers a full range of leveling underlayments. Professional flooring contractors and general construction craftsmen recognize Sika leveling compounds for excellent performance and workability. Each underlayment has a matching range of primers to ensure solid performance on different types of substrates, both in new and refurbishment projects. We offer solutions for absorbing cementitious and calcium-based slabs, and solutions to go over existing ceramic tile or synthetic flooring.

When time is of the essence, we can help to reduce your project lead time with the Sika Level Rapid solution. This product’s fast-drying properties typically enable underlayment and overlaying in the same day.

Sikafloor Level products can be used in combination with our own Sika  ComfortFloor, Sikafloor MultiDur, Sikafloor DecoDur and Sikafloor MultiFlex flooring solutions and with a wide variety of common commercial floors. Within our SikaBond family, you’ll find adhesives for synthetic, textile and wood flooring products.