Where are buildings most vulnerable to water ingress? At the joints!

This makes sealing essential! With our best-in-class products and wide portfolio we can offer the tailor-made solution for your building. Joint sealants amount to approximately 1% of the construction costs of every large building project. In case of water leakage refurbishment costs are much higher than the initial installation price. So it is worth thinking about reliable prevention beforehand.

Global presence

Our global presence in 90 countries allows us to respond to your local needs wherever you are to realize your projects.

We provide:

  • Knowledge of local construction circumstances and legal requirements
  • Local support and onsite training through local experts
  • Supply security through local warehouses and 160 production plants worldwide
Project support

Sika is the competent partner for your project, providing expertise and solutions from basement to roof. Our local and global experts support you with design and specification of joint sealing and bonding solutions. 

Technology leadership

The best performance for your application is key, therefore the production of high quality sealants and adhesives in all major technologies is the most important factor for us. Sika provides best-in-class products based on:

  • Our advanced polyurethanes
  • Unique silane modified polymers
  • Innovative silicones
  • Ultimate water based solutions
Best performance products and constant quality

Sika is more than just a random compounder. Our products are based on own pre-polymers, giving us the capacity to engineer our solutions down to the molecule and ensuring you best performance and constant quality.

Sika – Building trust from basement to roof. 

Green building programs

Our sealants comply with the strictest standards in regard to VOC and emissions and contribute added value to green building projects. With life cycle assessments, emission certificates and proven durability, Sika sets a new benchmark in the sealant market.


We bring professionals’ products to the “weekend warrior” through different distribution channels. From site to shelf for builders’ merchants, hardware stores and DIY.