In projects where the roof plays an important role in architectural design as a visible and highly aesthetic design element it needs special attention from architects and designers for such features:

  • Shape
  • Color
  •  Style and texture
  • Graphics, branding images and logos
  • Roof usage


Through close collaboration with your architectural and design team, we provide roofing solutions with the following advantages:

Logos and graphics

Custom logos and graphics can be made from Sika's own roofing products to fulfill your most specific design requirements.

Metal roof effect

Long-lasting, durable metal roof imitation can be achieved by using our décor product system.

Roof Colors

A wide range of standard colors is available, and custom colors can be created upon request.

Roof design

If your architectural design incorporates roofing with special shapes as important visual elements, no other roofing solution provider has more expertise and experience. 

Green roof terrace

We have tailor-made roofing solutions for roofs with a function, e.g. roof garden, garden terrace, or parking garage.