Ditchoto Galafi Junction / Dobi - Elidar - Belho

Sika has been at the forefront of concrete repair and protection technology since the 1920s. Sika pioneered the development of concrete repair products and systems from the early beginnings, with Sika Waterproof mortars in the 1920s and 30s, through our development of epoxy and polymer latex modified repair mortars in the 1950s and 60s.

Ditchoto Galafi Junction / Dobi-Elidar-Belho

In the 1970s Sika introduced the first “Complete Concrete Repair and
Protection System” with Sika reinforcement primers, bonding bridges,
repair mortars and leveling mortars plus protective impregnations and
coatings. In the 1980s the systems were further simplified and
optimized, through our philosophy of continuous improvement.

The introduction of Sika FerroGard-903, an impregnating corrosion inhibitor to protect against latent damage, as an integral part of our systems in the 1990s, was an additional demonstration of our commitment to continuous innovation in both technical and market leadership. The introduction of our “state of the art” Sika ViscoCrete, ultrahigh range water-reducing plasticizer and SCC technology, into our cementations products is now the latest development.

All of this recommends Sika’s solutions for infrastructure projects that rise high challenges. One example of such a project is the concrete road Ditchoto Galafi Junction / Dobi – Elidar – Belho, where the beginning point is found in the North-Eastern part of Ethiopia of Afar National Regional State and the last point is Village Belho which is found in the Western part of the Republic of Djibouti at an offset distance of about 6 to 7km from the border line of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. This Road Project is intended to increase the efficiency of the Road transport network particularly an access to the port of Tadjoura which is about 120km from Belho.

The works under this contract included design and construction of a new road and the work also includes the Design and construction of minor and major drainage structures.

For the construction of this road segment of more than 80 km, the contractor used more than 200,000 m3 concrete, in a high temperature and high speed wind ambient.

In order to finalize the project and to have a good quality project, in the end, Sika’s solutions were the most suitable option. Sika Abyssinia was one of the most important partners and delivered in these project solutions like superplastisizer admixture (Sikament NNR), retarding Admixture (SikaTard ET), curing Compound (Sika Antisol E), joint Sealant (Sikasil 728 SL) & Dowel Bar Protection (Sika Top Armatec 110 Epocem).