Kaliti - Addis Ababa

Water is an increasingly precious treasure. Modern potable water tanks are made of reinforced concrete or steel, in most cases with an inner coating or liner. The complex demands imposed on such systems are influenced by the hygiene regulations. Sika takes these circumstances into account, offering a full range of specially tested and approved systems for use in water applications.

Kaliti - Addis Ababa

Wastewater treatment plants are exposed to a diversity of structural, dynamic, mechanical and chemical loads. Extra-high-performance waterproofing systems are thus required for both new-build and renovation projects.

Kaliti’s wastewater treatment facility is the largest one in Ethiopia and will serve the Addis Ababa zone, a city with almost 10 million populations.

The project refers to the design and construction of the civil and electromechanical works for the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Kaliti, which is under the frame of a greater environmental upgrade project of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa. The design of the project, will ensure the necessary sewage treatment so that the final effluence can be used for irrigation purposes, disposing at the same time the minimum possible operational and maintenance cost of the electromechanical equipment. The wastewater treatment consists of preliminary treatment (coarse and fine screening, grit removal), USB reactors, tricking filters, tertiary treatment and sludge treatment (sludge drying beds). Also Septic Sewage Sludge Reception System and Latrine Sludge Reception and Pretreatment System are included.

Sika Abyssina  was one of the most important partners in the development of the Kaliti wastewater treatment plant. The main challenge that our products had to solve was related with quality construction joints and anchoring. Also, our products had to provide impermeability to the concrete used in the construction.  

That’s why, Sika Abyssinia provided in this projects a wide range of products like solutions for waterproofing (Sika Waterbar O & Sika Waterbar V), chemical anchors (Sika Anchorfix 1), Polyurethane sealants (Sikaflex Pro 3 & Sikaflex Construction) and epoxy mortars (Sikadur 31).