Sika Abyssinia

Chemicals Manufacturing PLC

Sika Abyssinia Chemicals Manufacturing PLC, subsidiary of Swiss concern Sika AG, was established in 2015. This was one of the Sika AG’s steps in its developement of the company on the African Continent. Thus, it was a natural step to penetrate the Ethiopian market, second biggest economy in sub-Saharan Africa in population terms, and the fourth biggest in terms of economic output.

Sika Abyssinia establish the first production plant with fully equipped laboratory facility, in Alemgena,  Welete zone, near Addis Ababa, in January 2017. This facility produce a full range of Admixture products like accelerators, retarders, water reducers, plasticizers & waterproofers. Cementitious & other several types of waterproofing products, neutral & acetoxy silicones, engineered mortars, tile adhesives, concrete protection products, epoxy flooring and liquid applied membrane.  

At this moment, our products – both local produced and also imported – are used in numerous important local construction projects like infrastructure projects, water dams, office, commercial & residential buildings and many others.    

Sika Abyssinia

Zone: Bole, Woreda 3 House No New: Tropical Mall 6th Floor, Addis Ababa

Phone: +251 11 650 4623

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