Sika provides long lasting water proofing solution from basement to roof 

Sika, the world’s leading waterproofing company has been producing innovative and high-quality waterproofing products since 1910.

One of the biggest challenges in the construction industry of Ethiopia is finding
the right waterproofing system for specific water-prone areas of a building. Interior areas of building must be kept dry from the roof to the basement. Water infiltration can lead to damages such as insect infestation, mold and in worst circumstances, building failures. Sika Abyssinia is ready to provide long-lasting solution to protect your structure from deterioration.  

Sika waterproofing products and systems include sheet waterproofing membranes, liquid applied membranes, sealing tapes and waterproof mortars, plus special balcony, parking deck and wet room system solutions.

Based on the unique waterproofing product portfolio Sika provides you with the optimized waterproofing solution for your project. In combination with our technical support and onsite solutions a Sika system becomes a real added value for you.

Sika has over
100 years
of waterproofing experience, since the first Sika waterproofing product was invented in 1910.

Sika Waterproofing systems and products for many applications fields

Solution for Basement
Basements and below ground civil engineering structures protected with Sika waterproofing solutions have increased living comfort and wider possibilities for use, in addition the total cost of ownership is reduced, and the durability is increased for the entire service life of the project. 

Solution for wet areas
Due to the continual usage of water, waterproofing wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies are essential. it is important to have an impermeable barrier over the concrete to prevent the spread of moisture. Sika offers specially designed products and systems for all kinds of wet areas and also weak connections and joints. 

Solution for roof & balconies
Most balconies or roofs are constructed from concrete without any protection and those substrates will inevitably crack and erode. We have developed a range of systems specifically designed to protect balconies and roofs against the challenges presented by the elements.

Solution for Drinking and clean water storage
For drinking water facilities, our waterproofing systems fulfill the most stringent drinking water approvals and suitable for use in tropical and hot climatic conditions.

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