Sika has led the industry with revolutionary technology, innovative products, and developing high-performance building materials for architects, builders, contractors, and construction professionals worldwide. Sika’s reputation for quality and reliability is illustrated through a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and solutions and our broad product range provides superior performance and value.

It is always crucial to select the right tile and the right tile installation system for each different area of the specific project. This should include the correct surface preparation, waterproofing (if required) and joint sealing solutions for each area and tile type in order to ensure the right quality and durability.

We have a complete range of cement-based tile adhesive suitable for all types of tiles, applications, and substrates. Our SikaCeram tile adhesives can be used with a wide range of materials including mosaics, marble, terracotta, granite, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. These materials can be easily bonded to a number of diverse substrates including concrete, brickwork, waterproofing membranes, screed, and existing tiles. For interior and exterior applications, commercial and domestic walls, and floors.

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