Bucaramanga, Colombia

The reservoir of the Tona river, one of the fundamental constructions for Bucaramanga and its metropolitan area, will guarantee the supply of drinking water over the next 30 years.

Concrete structure of Tona Dam in Colombia

Project Requirements

Given the importance of this project, it must follow all necessary precautions to ensure compliance with all the rules associated with speciications, looking for durable and high performance concrete in terms of strength, permeability and sustainability.

Sika Solutions

Sika admixtures and other products played an important role to achieve the requirements for each part of the structure. Each product was evaluated previously in the laboratory, either in the facilities of Sika and/or in the project and then field testing was performed to demonstrate that was the best alternative technology. These tests were executed carefully following the specifications of the project. Sika provided solutions in the following categories:

  • Alkali-Silica-Reaction resistant shotcrete
  • Conventional concrete
  • Waterproof concrete

Products Used

Sigunit® L-54 AF MO
Plastiment® AD-30
SikaTard® 930 CO
Sika® WT 100
Banda Lisa PVC
Sika Waterstop
Antisol® blanco

Antisol® Rojo
Antisol® Blanco pigmentado
SikaGrout 212
SikaTop® 122
Sikadur®-35 HI MOD LV
Sikadur® Anchorix 4
Sikadur®-42 Anclaje
Sikadur®-32 Primer

Project Participants



Sika Organization
Sika Colombia S.A.

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