The ambitious project, designed to exploit the water power of the Omo river (which has already spawned Gibe I, Gibe II and Gibe III), is today joined by a new hydroelectric plant of large dimensions that will have a huge impact on the development of Ethiopia in the coming years: the Koysha Hydroelectric Project.

The project, located in the south west of the Country, will be the fourth plant in a waterfall dam system on the Omo River The plant also comprises an outdoor electric power station hosting 8 Francis turbines which will guarantee an installed power of 2,200 MW and an annual production capacity of 6,460 GWh.

Project Requirements

Construction of main RCC dam and saddle dam. The contractor used more than 3.5mio m3 concrete, in a high temperature and high speed wind ambient.

Sika Solutions

 Sika proposed: Sikament®-340,Sika® Sigunit®L, Sika®Plastiretard,Sika MonoTop®   ranges 


Project Participants


Studio Pietrangeli Consulting Engineers

Salini Impregilo



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