Sika Sanisil, the silicone that fights moisture in your bathroom.

Discover step-by-step, how to use the silicone sealant that fights moisture in your bathroom and in all wet aeras.  

SikaScreed, Sikafloor and SikaCeram

Project Veytaux, Switzerland

Proven system build-up with the combination of SikaScreed, Sikafloor and SikaCeram.

Sikaflex AT Connection

Step-by-step joint sealing, outdoors. The video shows a descriptive how-to example for daily outdoor sealing around the house.  

Sika ComfortFloor Marble FX

Sika ComfortFloor Marble FX is a liquid applied resin flooring material, with a marble look and is available in bespoke colors.  



Sika wet room systeme solution

It all starts with choosing the right products, and the correct construction and installation system.  




Sika is a global leader in bonding since decades.

A brief overview of the fields we are active in shall outline our strength but also showthe versatility of bonding today.

The usage of construction adhesive for structural and non-structural bonding on the construction site is gaining importance due to new materials, new methods of building and time pressure.  

Sikasil C

This video shows step-by-step joint sealing, indoors in the wet room/bathroom/shower area. It shows very descriptive a how-to example for daily indoor sealing in the house, where moisture plays a role.

Sikaflex-111 Stick & Seal

Sikaflex-111 Stick & Seal is a flexible adhesive-sealant for multiple indoor and outdoor applications.